While art has evolved much over the years, many of the current artists are experimenting with different styles and formats. Graffiti, photography and multimedia art forms are on the rise, and even when modern artists paint their colours are on one side of the scale vivid and shocking, and on the other side bleak and desolate. Contemporary art combines many genres and styles to create today’s art scene, with many artists breaking the mould and throwing away the box.

Andreas Gursky

Andreas Gursky is a German artist and professor who specialises in large format colour landscapes and architecture. Originally, he used no editing effect but recently has admitted he now comes to rely on them often to create the images he is known for. Many of his pieces are bleak vast landscapes, and a photograph he took of the Rhine fetched the highest price ever offered for any photograph.

Paul McCarthy

American born Paul McCarthy is one of Hollywood’s most famous, or infamous visual artists. Although he trained as a painter, his work mainly includes video and sculpture. His aim is to test the limits of both the artist and the viewer, and his work is often highly controversial. His focus is everyday activities and the mess they leave in their wake, and he is known for wildly experimental visual arts, often mocking the American classics.

Zeng Fanzhi

Chinese contemporary artist Zeng Fanzhi is famed for his expressionistic style as well as the emotional directness of his paintings. Based in Beijing, his art is often infused with cultural and political climates, but at the same time deeply personal in nature. He is a huge Van Gogh fan, and has even created a whole new series by taking van Gogh’s works, copying them and then covering them in brightly swirling colours showing his own artistic style.