For modern artists, it is not uncommon to become rich, successful and well known while you are still creating your masterpieces. But previously this has not been the case, and many of the most well know names only came into their own after their deaths. Many of these artists were also playwrights and poets, and not only painted but also created art with their words.

William Blake

Between 1757 – 1827, William Blake was an artist for the Romantic era. While he is widely recognised for his poetry, he played a key role in shaping Romanticism as well as many other genres throughout the 20th century. It was said that he reported visions through most of his years, and many of his paintings container mythical scenes of gods and monsters. He also painted numerous bible illustrated artworks, and held much faith in the Bible, but not in organised religion or church. While he was not recognised during his 60 years, he has recently been marked at 38 in a pole of the top 100 greatest Britain’s.

JMW Turner

JMW Turner was said to be one of the greatest landscape artists of his time. Born in 1775, his paintings were considered progressive, ahead of his time and experimental, and he mastered the art of manipulating colour and light to earn himself the nick name “Master of Light”. He is considered to be one of the best known British artists of all time, and the Turner Prize was named after him, which is one of the most acclaimed visual arts awards in Britain. While landscapes were considered a lowly form of art, by his death in 1851, he lifted landscape art to rank on the same level as historical art, and this helped to redefine and shape art in the Romantic era.