Over the years, art has changed drastically and is often used to get a point across or to express an opinion. Where centuries ago art was a lot about painting what you saw, and the artists who thought outside of this box were considered ahead of their time, in modern art it is much more about statements, shock tactics and taking the ordinary and using it in extraordinary was to make a point.

Damien Hurst

One of the biggest movements who mastered the art of shock tactics was the Young British Artists Movements, established in 1988. In this movement, the most successful of these artists have become very rich, and at the top of this list is Damien Hurst. Said to be the richest living artist in the UK, Damien Hurst is best known for his artworks that include dead animals preserved in formaldehyde. While there is much discussion about the relevance and merit in his art, he has become internationally recognized and hugely successful in his field.

Tracey Emin

Another member of the Young British Artists Movement is Tracey Emin, who is known for her wide use of shock tactics, the openness in her art and an entrepreneurial head on her shoulders. Her work is based on her own life, and very confessional in nature. She was named as one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK and is the first woman to be made a professor at the London Royal Academy of Arts.

David Hockney

Over on the Pop Art Scene, David Hockney has produced many images iconic to this genre. In 1990 he was offered a knighthood which he turned down and he is said to be one of the most influential artists of all time in Britain. His inspiration is taken from his own life, as well as family and friends.