From the 17th century through to modern day, Art has conjured many emotions throughout the world. What is it that appeals about art to the masses? Why do we hang it on our walls, and welcome it into our homes? While each person has their favourite style, from photography, graffiti and contemporary art forms through to expressionism and surrealism, each has the ability evoke emotions and memories within in us, and this is what draws us to it.

By hanging the right piece of art in the right room, you can transform the entire environment and feel of the space. A landscape can turn a cluttered area into a calm and serene environment, and a bright, loud abstract piece can liven up an entrance hall or common area. Still, life images can be hung in kitchens to create a homely feel, and everyone hangs family portraits and photographs to feel close to their loved ones.

There are many different types of art, and each has its own following, and well-known names and images. Each piece will bring a different feeling, atmosphere and emotion to the viewer, so be sure to pick the ones that speak to you.

Let us explore some of the most well-known names in the art world and take a closer look at what pieces they have produced. If you are new to the art scene or looking for new pieces to hang but unsure of where to start, we will cover some of the basics here for you.